Without Borders...

Abby and Sara have been best friends since they met in the dorms at Colorado State University in 2002. Each year since then, they have been on at least one trip together, with the last few years consisting of backpacking travels through Europe.

In 2010, they decided to put their desire to see the world towards a more constructive cause. Instead of taking an adventurous vacation, they chose to visit Tanzania and volunteer with Light in Africa for five weeks.

This winter, they are going back to Light in Africa to volunteer for another five weeks, and can't wait to see how much "their" kids have grown!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Africa Adventure 2K12

A few weeks after Abby and I got home from Light in Africa in 2010, I wrote Mama Lynn telling her how much I missed her and her kids, and what a hard time I was having adjusting back to my normal life.  She responded with a very fitting Tanzanian proverb, “Once you get our red dirt under your toe nails, it itches until you’re able to come back”. 

I can honestly say it’s true – not that I had itchy toe nails, (even when the red dirt was under them, yes – gross I know, but also very true), but that an experience like what Abby and I shared stays with you and reminds you constantly about what you’ve witnessed and what you’ve experienced.

That being said, Abby and I are very excited to officially announce we’re returning to Tanzania to volunteer with Light in Africa for five weeks this winter.  We’ll arrive two days after Thanksgiving, and stay through Christmas. 

So, even though our adventure isn’t for another few months, our works begins now.  We've already purchased our flights, we've updated our to bring list, now – we’re onto fundraising.