Without Borders...

Abby and Sara have been best friends since they met in the dorms at Colorado State University in 2002. Each year since then, they have been on at least one trip together, with the last few years consisting of backpacking travels through Europe.

In 2010, they decided to put their desire to see the world towards a more constructive cause. Instead of taking an adventurous vacation, they chose to visit Tanzania and volunteer with Light in Africa for five weeks.

This winter, they are going back to Light in Africa to volunteer for another five weeks, and can't wait to see how much "their" kids have grown!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fundraising....With Four Weeks to Go

Our Tanzanian departure date is fast approaching, and I’m trying not to think about it too much. It’s my personal method for dealing with stress. However, as much as I’d like to avoid thinking about everything I still have to do and buy before I take off on 10/16, I can at least feel good about a few of the things we’ve accomplished.

Combined, Abby and I have raised about $1500 – only $500 short of our volunteer fee. Abby has already dropped €300 at the pharmacy on vaccinations, and I’m up next week. I’ve slowly been picking up random supplies for the trip, like antibacterial wipes, sunscreen, shorts long enough to be appropriate in a predominately Muslim community, and bubbles. Yes, bubbles.

The Volunteer Coordinator at Light in Africa let us know of some supply needs the orphanage has, as well as some gift suggestions that could help make a kid smile, which is really what this whole thing is about. Abby and I are both hoping to bring over an extra bag full of presents, and so far we’re off to a great start. A very generous co-worker of Abby has given some items for the kids, and my aunt and her cute little quilting club have made MANY blankets and quilts for us to share on their behalf.

Thanks again for all the support – holy crap, I’m going to Africa in four weeks. See map below for where exactly.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tollwhat? ....

Tollwut! Or the German name for Rabies. Yes, my friends, in just three short weeks, I will be eligible for such a dog tag. Amazing...
The decision to get vaccinated for rabies was not easy and I was actually told by some, I don't need it. Well, 160 euros later, I will be getting it. And should I get bitten, I still have to do to a doctor right away -- hmm... Maybe I just wanted more stickers in my "Impfbuch" (this is the German term for vaccination book - I know have one)
On Wednesday, I got vaccinated for yellow fever. Not just any doctor can give the vaccine and it is supposed to be quite tough to take and can have side-effects. Until now, I am fine and have not yet turned yellow. But will keep you updated.
Otherwise I will be getting cholera and meningitis - the vaccines that is. I made this mistake in German, telling a colleague - "Ich habe Tollwut bestellt," meaning I ordering rabies. She got quite a laugh. Who know which vaccines one really needs, if any, but the Impfbuch is starting to look quite colorful.
Sara and I are still trying to decide on Malaria pills - any suggestions?